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About Thread Rolling Technology Limited

Thread Rolling Technology Ltd is an entrepreneurial business always looking to the future of Thread and Profiling technologies. We are founded on three fundamental principles, Price, Quality and Service. We operate in a climate of trust, honesty and openness. We respect our customers with the decency they deserve to create a community of knowledge and understanding.

At Thread Rolling Technology Ltd we offer a great deal of different services to the Thread Rolling and Profiling industry offering successful solutions. We work with our customers in order to understand their requirements and cover all their needs in detail.

The cornerstone of our business is operational safety and customer satisfaction. We strive to establish a good relationship with our customers by working together closely and providing services according to their needs, ensuring that the machines we provide are safe, reliable and able to do the job they are provided to do.

At Thread Rolling Technology Ltd, we are passionate about the services we provide and the relationships we have with our customers. We have the ability and the knowledge to support our customers and provide an unrivaled support network at all levels ensuring a fully supported end to end process. We believe that the relationship does not end there and with our expert maintenance and training programs our customers can be confident our service is only a phone call away.

Machines we service

Some of the machines we service on a regular day to day basis:

  • Bad du ben
  • BSA
  • Escofier
  • Eurfurt
  • Gom
  • Grob
  • Herbert
  • Mapre
  • ORT
  • Pee Wee
  • Seny
  • Steinle
  • Tsugami
  • Thomen
  • Wanderer
  • WMW
  • Yien Chen

However any Machine will be considered.