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Maintenance Program

We can offer different types of maintenance programs to our customers at varying levels. Our main principle for preventative maintenance is to proactively act on the machine, making sure that systems are working correctly to limit and even prevent break downs occurring. With a maintenance programme in place for your Thread Rolling machine, you can prevent interruptions, expensive call out charges and unplanned lengthy repairs, giving you more up time on your production.

Our different types of maintenance programs that we offer are based on how many hours your machine is running throughout the week. For example;

40 Hours a week
Would result in one service a year

80 Hours a week
Would result in two services a year

80+ Hours a week
With this amount of usage in a week it would require an assessment to ensure that the correct maintenance programme is put in place.

Our long experience of working with thousands of different Thread Rolling Machines and tools enable us to give you the best maintenance programme suited to your machine needs.

We also offer machine inspections and consultation.